Today’s B2C and B2B markets are more dynamic than ever, so there are more opportunities for brands to deliver serious growth, but also more pitfalls awaiting those brands that turn up unprepared.

It means that making the right choice of insight agency partner has never been more important – or more difficult!

Whether you are looking to appoint an insight agency for the first time, make a change from your current suppliers or just add to your existing roster, what criteria should you use to select your new agency?

Well, that agency has to be furiously competitive. But that’s a given.

It should also be able to leverage its experience, innate curiosity and creativity to find ways to add more (and more) value to each and every research project. But that should be a given too!

What should really differentiate your chosen agency apart should be its boldness - a combination of ability and confidence to push the boundaries of each and every brief in order to identify and deliver the insight Eurekas! capable of changing the trajectory of your brand.

At Brandspeak (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk) our all-senior team of research consultants and subject matter experts always takes the bold approach in our:

- Brand research (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk/services/brand-development/)

- Innovation research (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk/services/innovations-npd-research/)

- Marketing communications research (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk/services/communications-market-research/)

- Customer experience research (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk/services/customer-experience/

- Packaging research (https://www.brandspeak.co.uk/services/packaging-market-research/)

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Market Research Society (MRS)
  • Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)

Contact Details

  City Holland Park
  Postcode W8 6SN
  Address 1st Floor, 239 Kensington High Street,
  Phone Number +44 (0) 203 858

Products & Services

Brand Development Services

As humans we simply don’t have the time or brain capacity to make all our decisions consciously and rationally using System 2 thinking.

That is why, when it comes to everyday brand purchases, the majority of our decision-making is driven by our subconscious minds, using instinctive, System 1 thinking.

And even when it comes to more significant purchases, we still tend to rely on subconscious intervention to guide us towards the final purchase decision.

This means that in order to become part of our consideration set a brand must be capable of appealing to our subconscious mind as well as our conscious one.

TV Advertising Market Research

We’ve got a whole host of qualitative, quantitative and neuromarketing market research techniques that we apply, depending on whether you want to explore the potential of different creative routes, conduct pre-testing using animatics or film, or even track the performance of an ad post-launch.

To research your ad's effectiveness we carry out an evaluation of the campaign against a number of criteria including:
Rational and emotional outtake
Message recall and relevance
Brand fit
Short and long-term recall

Print & Digital Market Research

Perhaps you are a B2C company devising new content for your website. Maybe you are a B2B company compiling new product brochures. Or perhaps you are drafting a critical customer service letter or mailshot.

The content you present whether it is print or digital has a significant impact on your customers’ impression of your brand, meaning that it has the ability to negatively affect levels of customer acquisition, retention or satisfaction.

All the more surprising then, that content is frequently launched without any prior input from the customer!

Brandspeak specialises in print and digital market research and optimisation, using a range of qualitative, quantitative and neuromarketing approaches to evaluate critical issues such as:
Visual appeal
Layout and navigation
Clarity of content: words, images, font
Relevance and impact of individual messages
Key message outtake
Key questions arising
Strength of any proposition
Brand personality
Point at which consumer disengages – and why
Strength of call to action

Customer Testimonials

We worked with Brandspeak on some qualitative research for a significant redesign of our products and our brandmark. Their approach was extremely professional, they took the time to clearly understand the brief and overall were very informed in the world of research. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them again in the future

Victoria Leigh-Pearson
Director, Group Sales & Marketing
John Ross Jr (Aberdeen) Ltd / Coln Valley Smokery Ltd /PR Foods

Social Activity

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Really pleased to announce that digital expert Shivvy Jervis has joined Brandspeak as a Consultant Futurist. Welcome Shivvy!
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From Our Website

Brandspeak is a London-based full service market research agency dedicated to creating competitive advantage for our clients. Since 2004 we've been providing qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic and neuromarketing research for brands, public sector organisations and charities, as well as marketing and PR agencies. Perhaps you need primary market research to help create a brand, or develop a product or service concept. It could be that you want market research to analyse and enhance the nature of your customer experience.

Jeremy is a qualitative researcher and brand strategist and has been helping brands maximise their potential globally for over 20 years. He is a frequent press commentator and has also lectured on London Business School's MBA course. Jen is a senior quantitative specialist with over 20 years experience across a wide range of sectors, methodologies and project types including brand tracking, campaign evaluation, pre-testing, U&A and market exploration, messaging/proposition testing, concept testing and customer satisfaction.