Our consultants have shaped and influenced marketing strategies for many worldwide brands. Our engagement process with you will involve far more than joining your thinking sessions and standing in front of a whiteboard. We will slice away the clich'and clutter, and expose a taut, compelling proposition for your audiences.

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We've reimagined Public Relations for a purpose driven world. Working with the founders, leaders and marketers of tech businesses, we're telling stories, writing compelling content and starting conversations - on purpose. You believe a successful business can be a force for good. Your formula may look like tech + purpose + entrepreneurship, and it's the difference between smart businesses and great ones. What more can you do to honour it, nurture it, and communicate it? So, what's your purpose?

It's always helpful, insightful and generous. It addresses the questions that most concern and intrigue the people that you'd most like to do business with. It reflects your expertise and experience. And it comes from your unique perspective - ideally, your purpose. A content strategy is almost priceless. It's where you figure out how to communicate your purpose (.or mission, if you like) through powerful themes that address important questions for your ideal customer. Your best stories live with your subject matter experts - and they can be just about anywhere in your organisation.

Its goal is to help you understand why your business does what it does - its purpose - and then agree it, share it, explore it, write it down and understand how to use it. We let Cohesive off the leash and the results were not what we expected. Turns out our customers value our experience, enthusiasm and commitment as much as the technology we build. The process has completely changed the direction of our strategy. We've developed and refined an evidence-based framework that produces authentic outcomes, reliably.