Fieldwork and data collection for market research using street interviewers, telephone interviewers, in-depth interviewers, focus groups, postal surveys and internet based surveys. service is available nationwide. We also have tabulation software so can provide the findings in this form or as excel, SPSS or csv files. main sectors include retail, central and local government, companies and other market research and marketing and communication agencies.

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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. Albert Einstein #MondayMotivaton
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We advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective methodology to get the data you want.
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Update on case study research via @twitter
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Domineering partners are catastrophic for happiness because a sense of autonomy is a key contributor, greater than money.
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Social usefulness in your job is highly important to happiness
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If you want survey results, analysis, charts, and statistics we can provide and configure them exactly how you want.
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A Place survey is a key area of consultation used by local authorities. They provide insight into the attitudes and perceptions of residents which help Council's develop their policies and priorities for the next few. Business Improvement Districts (BID) across the UK have made a major positive impact on the areas. They have created better retail and leisure environments by focussing on the old marketing maxim: find out what people.

Fieldwork Assistance organise and manage fieldwork - data collection - for market research and aim to take the hard work out of data collection. We are used by all types of consultancies such as market research, management, retail, sports, transport, and marketing, PR and Marcomms agencies. We are a small team with a wide previous background in market research and business, now dedicated to fieldwork. Our main office is at Inworth, near Tiptree, Essex from where we manage fieldwork throughout the UK and overseas.

Qualitative is traditionally used as a pre-cursor to a quantitative research project. It is an excellent way of gaining some initial insight into the issues and topics of a project. Participants are usually carefully selected to make sure as representative a group as possible are interviewed. This may mean for example, with a customer satisfaction study, that a range of sizes of customer are interviewed. Geographical location and type of product or service bought are other criteria which are common.