B2B sales lead generation and telemarketing company services right in the business community. Award winning sales appointment making and lead generation business telemarketing across the UK and Ireland. Telemarketing is a hugely successful marketing tool and we help B2B sales lead generation clients increase their sales by creating sales appointments and leads in their chosen markets.

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Email & Social Media Marketing

Email marketing gives us the intelligence and tracking needed to only focus on making phones calls to companies that have an interest in what you do and are engaging with your marketing messages.

Gone are the days of the “scatter gun” email approach, at frontline we focus on sending out the right message, to the right audience at the right time.

Social media posting is a great way of becoming a “thought leader” within your industry, pulling customers in naturally whilst also answering questions along their buying journey.

From Our Website

At Great Guns we are a fresh new breed of forward thinking marketers keeping you one step ahead of the competition. For the same price as a full-time employee, hire an expert team of Strategists, Designers, Telemarketers and Digital Specialists. We are an agency partner with one of the world's leading Marketing Automation software providers. Locally based in Reading, Act-on are a perfect partner. We have built up a solid relationship with them over the past few years and they are literally walking distance away ensuring we get the help and support to successfully deliver your campaign.

At Great Guns Marketing we are a fresh new breed of Telemarketers using industry leading technology to lock onto clients with a genuine interest in what you have to offer. Our purpose is to generate you a steady flow of Sales Leads with the right people, at the right Level, at the right time. We qualify companies in or out! Focusing on the one's with a genuine interest in your product gathering valuable information along the way. Using industry leading technology and business intelligence tools we nurture, engage and track potential customers.

It's a powerful All- in- One- platform tracking, automating and piecing together each individuals interaction with your company's digital marketing, giving you a clearer picture of exactly what they want and when they want it. A clean & simple dashboard that integrates all key features for instant access to the status and performance of your marketing activities. Customise it to meet your needs and preferences for even quicker access and visibility to the data most important to you. Every contact in your database has an activity history that shows you how engaged they are, and in what ways.

By concentrating on the challenges your customers face at each stage of their buying cycle you can educate and help them with relevant content guiding them along the way until it's time to purchase. Where are buyers looking for answers? Online. 67% of a buyer's journey is researched online way before even contemplating calling a supplier. We integrate your website with our all in one Marketing Automation platform plus make sure all your social media channels are also connected. Using various social media channels and our proven strategy we engage with your prospects online.