Multi-lingual SEO is available in English, French, German and Spanish, or any combination of these, with the emphasis being on high quality content, written by native speakers of whichever of these languages are required. With seventeen years experience of SEO, plus a real understanding of the many Google algorithms to ensure the content is appropriate, relevant and original, Indigoextra's enthusiastic team will take time to understand your business needs so that they can deliver a tailor-made package to suit individual requirements.

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The aim of any successful local or international SEO campaign is to create websites that search engines value, so they gain top positions in the natural or organic search results for relevant keywords.

We provide an effective SEO service, ensuring you see both a quick and long-term benefit, easily giving you a better return on investment than other marketing solutions, whether online or offline.

Our organic SEO company provides four indispensable components:

Authority Link Building - this includes targeted article submissions, guest posts, high authority links and social media marketing
On-site Search Engine Optimization - Writing optimized content and structuring your website for search engines
Optimized Website Design - Designing complete websites and optimizing the graphics to create an impactful and user-friendly design
SEO Consultancy and Training for multilingual sites - Providing training and consultancy on the best way to optimize multiple websites or sites in multiple languages.

From Our Website

We are able to translate content between any two Western European languages e.g. German to Spanish or English to French translations. Our team includes fluent speakers in English, French, German and Spanish. When translating between other languages the translation aspect of the project will be completed by another company with whom we have worked for several years and who have rigorous controls to ensure that translations are of the highest quality. We have successfully created websites that involved English to French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian translations.

At Indigoextra we provide a print and online graphic design service, creating marketing material that helps our clients to stand out from the crowd. Our graphic designers understand emotion and we also have a multilingual team of copywriters (speaking English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish), meaning that we can offer not just beautiful design, but also impactful content in multiple languages. For local marketing and exhibitions posters are a great way to grab attention and improve your branding.

Before adding keywords to your website or commissioning blog articles, you need to first take time to figure out where you stand and what you need. This helps to avoid inefficient work and allows you to use your budget where it matters most. This element involves strategically removing any content that negatively impacts your search engine ranking - duplicate content, error links, overly heavy images - and adding elements needed to improve it - missing meta titles, correctly formatted images, improving the page speed, etc. Keyword research and competition analysis are used to examine the keyword balance in meta tag titles and descriptions, URLs, h1 titles, on-page content, etc.

A logo design is an important aspect of your company's identity -- it reveals who you are. Your corporate identity should reflect your company's objectives and reinforce the accomplishment of your bottom-line. That's were we come in. If you're thinking of creating a new logo for your business, you may wish to read our blog on how to create a great logo design. The logo design process doesn't start by putting pen to paper, or even pen to graphic tablet, instead it starts by ensuring that we gain a thorough understanding of your business and of what your want your logo to represent.