Award winning Serendipity2, (S2), is a fully integrated data, digital, design and direct agency operating across multiple channels and environments. Our services cover the full spectrum of the marketing mix by integrating data and insights, strategic planning, creative design and implementation in both on and offline B2B and B2C platforms. Clients include Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola GB & US, Merlin Entertainment, GSK and many progressive SME's.

Serviced Areas

  • UK, Midlands, Warwickshire, London, Wales, Scotland, Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington Spa

Contact Details

  City Leamington
  Postcode CV32 5EL
  Phone Number 01926 887555

Customer Testimonials

Very pleased with all the design work done by Serendipity2- Clare is quick to respond and we are impressed at the creativity and flexibility shown by the team.

Social Activity

Serendipity2 helping clients to put Sales Territory planning & Outlet Prioritisation into practise.
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We had a meeting at Aston Cider yesterday, great people, great cider!
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Our primary goal is to get your products into the hands of the right people, via the right outlets, in the right lo
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Why Twitter needs you for the next big ideas.
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S2s analysis acted as the foundation to develop segmentation models to reflect WHSmith Travel shopper missions."
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Serendipity2 work with many major food and drink organisations like Coca-Cola, Dominos, Innocent, Carlsberg but we
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Measuring the magic, Why brands need to refocus on the effectiveness of creativity.
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Evian is reviving its baby theme for a new campaign that aims to bring to life the message of "living young." In a
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From Our Website

We are a full service marketing agency working with major Consumer Brands and Retailers in Food and Drink, Hospitality, Leisure, Travel, Convenience and High Street Retail. We work throughout the total customer journey by integrating consumer research, data insight and brand strategy with industry leading creative design and digital execution. Our award winning strategy and insight work helps to shape, plan and execute strategies for consumer brands and retailers in a rapidly evolving digital and retail world.

Our qualitative team provides focus group moderation to elicit as much information as possible on the perceptions and expectations of the group. We work with you to design a focused and flexible discussion guide to explore, discuss and debate ideas with participants. A proven technique designed to qualify, measure and quantify participants' answers. Online surveys provide a cost effective means of obtaining feedback from a larger volume of participants compared to Focus Groups. Respondents can be pre-screened to target specific audience profiles.

We are a fully integrated agency with data science in our DNA. We tackle every key sales and marketing challenge using RISE™, our unique data driven approach spanning all areas of the marketing mix. Data really is the engine to drive business growth and effect change. Whether conducting consumer research, segmenting consumers or retail estates, optimising price, range and promotions, delivering sales territories based on potential or delivering abrand loyaltyscheme informed by sales data, we aim for simplicity in the final outcome.